Robert Teitelman

Former editor in chief, 'The Deal'

Robert Teitelman is the former editor in chief of <em>The Deal</em> LLC. A member of the company’s Executive Committee, Mr. Teitelman was responsible for editorial operations of <em>The Deal</em>’s print and electronic products for 13 years. Mr. Teitelman joined <em>The Deal</em> in December 1998 from <em>Institutional Investor</em>, where he had worked since 1989, ending his tenure there as the magazine’s editor. In 2003, <em>Min Magazine</em> chose him as one of the “21 Most Intriguing People” in media and in 2008 <em>B2B Magazine</em> selected him as for a “Media Business Innovator Award.” Mr. Teitelman also worked as a writer and editor for <em>Forbes</em> and <em>Financial World</em>. In addition, he is the author of two books, <em>Profits of Science: The American Marriage of Business and Technology</em> and <em>Gene Dreams: Wall Street, Academia and the Rise of Biotechnology</em>, both published by Basic Books. He is currently writing a book on the modern era of M&A for PublicAffairs. He is a graduate of the College of William & Mary, with masters degrees in international affairs and journalism from Columbia University.