Robert Weller

Journalist and cyberflaneur

Worked in journalism, including on the Internet, for nearly 40 years. Started as a news editor at the Colorado Daily at the University of Colorado, joined a small Montana newspaper, the Helena Independent-Record, and then United Press International. <br> <br> AP hired me away in 1973 after a couple of years with UPI and I worked with them until 2008. Assignments have included being the leading AP reporter on the Columbine Massacre, bureau chief in Alaska during the construction of the trans-Alaska pipeline, and covering coups, wars and other events overseas for 14 years. <br> <br> I was top editor on the AP news desk in New York during the last years of the Vietnam War before going to Alaska. From Anchorage I went to Johannesburg to cover apartheid. I spent 14 years in Africa, throughout the continent, and covered the assassination and cremation of Indira Gandhi. <br> <br> Once back in Colorado I covered the Army and Air Force, Columbine, skiing, arts and the environment. Worked on both sides of the Continental Divide, Denver and Grand Junction. <br> <br> My main interests are history and arts, especially classical music, theater and opera. <br> <br> Graduated from William Jewell College with a B.A. in history. <br> <br> In addition to my travels as a writer I was a military brat and moved around with my father and mother. <br> <br> My wife and I have teen-age twins, who keep us up-to-date on new trends. <br> <br> I follow events around the world and have a huge collection of bookmarks that include many overseas sites.