Robert Wintner

Author, reef photographer and Snorkel Bob

Novels, short stories & marine photo books, 100k motorcycle miles, sailed 2 oceans & dove Oceania, the Great Reef, Cuba, Indonesia, Palau, the Philippines, Fiji & more, snorkel shops across Hawaii, a lead position in the anti-aquarium league. Biggest challenge yet: what Jimmy Cliff calls Iri--I Rule Internal. Born in Hoosierville long ago. Bounced around believing that all who wander are not lost. Hung paper on a 50' racing yacht out of Canna Screws, CA & ended up in Hawaii, shipwrecked, as it were. With fantasies melted, nothing gained & no more to lose, up from the depths came Snorkel Bob. Hosanna! No matter how rough the presentation, they wanted more. Who can tell when Pele, Lono & Neptune will tap a tired waterdog for the long haul?