Robin Finn

Writing, ADHD kids & Spirituality are my jam. RESTLESS IN LA available at

Robin Finn, MPH, MA, is a writer, advocate, and coach. She is passionate about representing the experience of moms of special needs/ADHD/out of the box kids. Robin has written about parenting, advocacy, special needs, and ADHD for The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, BuzzFeed, ADDitude Magazine, and others. She has consulted with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on ADHD messaging for parents. Robin has master’s degrees in public health (Columbia University) and in spiritual psychology (University of Santa Monica). Her first novel, RESTLESS IN L.A. tells the story of mother of a child with severe ADHD who re-connects online with a former boyfriend and rekindles an intensity that threatens to destroy her carefully constructed world. Available at Visit Robin online at