Robin Carnahan


Robin Carnahan comes from a family long devoted to public service. She continues that tradition by serving as Missouri Secretary of State. Her father Mel Carnahan served two terms as a progressive Missouri Governor and her mother Jean served in the United States Senate.

In the Secretary of State’s office, Robin oversees elections and business licensing, enforces Missouri securities laws and provides access to vital information through the state library and archives.

Robin brings a commonsense, get-it-done approach to the Secretary of State’s office by introducing ways to save time and money for Missouri businesses, better protect investors and provide top-quality service to those who use the office. Shortly after taking office, Robin was named by the Aspen Institute as one of 20 “rising stars” in US politics for her ability to work across party lines to get things done.

She is also recognized in Missouri and around the nation as a leader who is unafraid to stand up for principles, especially when it comes to ensuring honest elections and protecting the right to vote.

When conservative ideologues came to Missouri and passed a law requiring citizens to present a government-issued identification card before being allowed to vote, Robin stood up for the 240,000 registered Missouri voters who would have been disenfranchised by that law. She spoke out repeatedly against the measure and the Missouri Supreme Court agreed, finding the law unconstitutional.

Robin serves as Co-Chair of the Elections Committee of the National Association of Secretaries of State and as Chair of the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State.