Raquel Stuart

Dr. Rock is an Author, Educator, Keynote Speaker, Motivator, Radio Host

Dr. Raquel A. Stuart has a Ph.D. in Human Services with a specialization in Counseling. She has subject matter expertise in high engagement presentations and workshops dealing with sexuality, body image, relationships, and self-esteem. Her energetic speaking style and unique ability to engage and motivate her audience is unlike any other. She has the uncanny ability to empower and encourage people to create the life they want by using her life as an example. Dr. Stuart is the author of The Audacity of Self: Dare to Put You First. This book guides the readers through her experiences from brokenness and pain to a life of possibilities. She is the host of a weekly Internet radio show, Bare It All. She is the Founder and CEO of Sistas Speak, LLC, a motivational coaching business.

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