Rodney Barnes

Award-winning writer and producer

Award-winning writer/producer Rodney Barnes is one of the most sought after African American writers and creatives in Hollywood, known for his often race-related, hard-hitting, edgy, honest and intelligent humor.
Barnes has written and produced more than two hundred episodes of popular half-hour comedies, including The Boondocks, My Wife and Kids and Everybody Hates Chris. He has also earned top honors for his work from the BET Comedy Awards, the Image Awards and Writer's Guild of America.

Since its premiere in 2005, Barnes has worked the executive producer and head writer for the Peabody Award winning animated series The Boondocks. He is currently working with series creator Aaron McGruder on the show’s fourth season. Barnes was also a co-executive producer and writer on Chris Rock’s TV series Everybody Hates Chris, a producer and writer for Damon Wayans’ My Wife and Kids, the co-executive producer of ’Til Death and a consulting producer for the FOX sitcom, Brothers. Other credits include Chris Rock’s stand-up Comedy Tour “Kill the Messenger.” Barnes currently lives in Los Angeles, Calif.