Ron Kuby

Air America Radio host and noted defense attorney

Ron Kuby hosts “Doing Time with Ron Kuby” on Air America Radio, which airs live across the country and streams online weekdays from Noon-3 pm eastern. He also contributes to the show blog and Twitter stream. Previously he co-hosted “Curtis and Kuby” on WABC. You can contact him at

In addition, Ron Kuby’s law office has represented some of the most reviled and revered people in some of the most high-profile criminal and civil rights actions in the United States. A partial list of those who have been represented: Individuals accused of bombing the World Trade Center; Colin Ferguson, the Long Island Railroad gunman; renowned photographer Spencer Tunick; the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club; prominent labor unions; accused airplane hijackers; The All-Mighty Latin King and Queen Nation; Malcolm X’s daughter, charged with conspiracy to murder Minister Louis Farrakahn; Jesse Friedman, whose story is featured in the acclaimed film Capturing the Friedmans; David Hampton, whose life story formed the inspiration for John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation; dozens of conscientious objectors; plaintiffs in two United States Supreme Court cases establishing First Amendment protection for flag-burning; several wrongfully convicted inmates.