Ronnie Cameron

Defensive tackle, Philadelphia Eagles/ Founder & CEO of

Ronnie Cameron is currently a professional football player in the NFL. Ronnie has also created a newsblog network called Bonfire Impact covers social awareness, good works, positive stories and exposes injustices. He graduated from Old Dominion University with a Master in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology. He completed his Bachelors in Information Technology from Hofstra University. Ronnie completed both degrees in four years while playing collegiate football at both universities. He was present at the collapse of the Hofstra University football program and the construction of the Old Dominion football program. In 2011 he was also a First Team All American, CAA Defensive Player of the Year and Scholar Athlete of the Year along with a myriad of other awards. Ronnie has been an advocate for education and health for children of all ages. Speaks with children imparting the importance of education, reading and a healthy lifestyle.