Rubi Nicholas

Guest Writer

Rubi Nicholas is a lot of things: a mom, a stand up comedian, an educated lady with 3 Masters’ degrees, a Mensa card and a “Fairy Brown Mother” to multiple young people... she’s also hot. But, she is shockingly single and at 52, knows exactly why. Her journey has led her to conclude there are seven essential elements each of us needs to review with a potential partner to deem them viable for long term commitment. She calls them the “PENISES” because who would forget that? Spoiler alert: none of them are “love” because that’s just silly. Follow her social media as she continues the journey using PENISES to help others meet their match: Instagram @rubinicholas and @fairybrownmother, Twitter @FairyBrwnMother and TikTok @fairybrownmother.

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