Russ Edelman

Information Management Evangelist & Definitive Nice Guy

Russ is the Founder and CEO of Corridor Company, Inc., a software company focused specifically on Mission Critical Business Applications that run on top of Microsoft SharePoint. Our Business Applications include our flagship Contract Management product and we have also introduced a Supplier Management and Proposal Management system as well. Russ has extensive experience in the contract management and enterprise content management industries as many of Corridor’s clients utilize Corridor software for their global operations. Clients include organizations such British Telecom, HP, Logitech, First Data Corporation, Blue Cross and many others. Russ was recognized in the top SharePoint 50 influencers and an AIIM fellow and is an active industry analyst helping to define key industry trends by contributing to media outlets including HBR, InformationWeek, CIO Magazine, AIIM Communities and KMWorld.

In 2008, Russ co-authored his first book titled “Nice Guys Can Get The Corner Office”, published by the Penguin Group in 2008. It has received international praise and he is regularly featured on TV, radio, magazine and podcast interviews. Russ is also a regular blogger on Huffington-Post and CNBC as he reports on relevant management and technology trends.