Russell Bishop

Author, consultant and executive coach

Here's what I tell people who really want to know what I do (and I presume you must be one of those or you wouldn't be looking here!) I help people get what they think they want as fast as possible so I can ask, "Was that it?" Another version is best summarized as helping people create the life of their dreams rather than settling for what showed up. Of course, we've all had the experience of wanting something, busting our tail to get it, and then wondering why we ever wanted it if the first place. There's a huge difference between the objects of our focus (money, career, job, etc) and the deeper experiences we are seeking - purpose, meaning, loving and caring. As one of the early pioneers in the field of large group personal development, I created Insight Seminars in 1978 to help people deal with thees deeper aspects of what fulfills them. If you are looking to live life at a higher level, blending Purpose, Service, Contribution and Success, let's talk! You can reach me at or 805-451-0507. PS: if you're looking for the professional" take on what I do: A recognized expert in personal and organization transformation and founder of Bishop and Bishop, a management consulting firm specializing in the implementation of strategy, Russell possesses an uncommon ability to inspire clarity and provoke transformational change. Having started five companies, he brings 35 years of consulting and operating expertise to the real world challenges of executing strategy and improving organization performance. Specialties: - CEO coaching: going beyond profit into Services and Purpose - High potential executive development - Creating Conscious Business: Purpose Before Profit - Building accountability based management teams; - Creating internal alignment - Translating strategy into measurable, executable action plans - Integrating personal and professional goals He is the author of numerous articles on the power of choice and awareness as well as his best-selling book Workarounds That Work: How To Conquer Anything That Stands in Your Way at Work. In addition to his consulting practice, he has lectured on productivity for the executive MBA programs at UCLA, University of Texas and Washington University in St. Louis. Russell previously served on the Board of Directors for the University of Santa Monica and was a charter member of the Advisory Board for the Points of Light Foundation. He received a Master's degree in Educational Psychology from the Davis Campus of the University of California and currently resides in Santa Barbara, California. Russell is an avid golfer and amateur chef. Contact information: Russell Bishop Follow me on Twitter @Russell_Bishop