Russell V.J. Ward

Writer, expat, traveler. Calls Squamish, British Columbia home. Writes at In Search of a Life Less Ordinary, HuffPost US,

A British expat and writer, traveler and blogger, I left my homeland in 2003 in pursuit of less stress, more emphasis on the great outdoors, and a healthier, fuller way of living life. I now share my experiences of making major life changes for the better – from moving abroad to changing my working world, exploring the great outdoors to learning to make time for the things that matter. After a decade in Australia, you’ll now find me fulfilling my life goals in Vancouver, Canada, and I've been featured in The Huffington Post (U.S.), The Telegraph,, and more. I have also appeared on Sydney radio and appeared on House Hunters International, a top-rating U.S. lifestyle television show about moving abroad. In a former life, I was a policy and communications advisor with the Australian and Canadian Governments and worked in senior advisory roles with professional services firms in London and Sydney.