Sergio Fernandez de Cordova

Entrepreneur, investor & philanthropist working at the intersection of media + gov, leveraging public-private partnerships for social impact

Sr Don Sergio A. Fernandez de Cordova is a global citizen in the words true meaning. When not travelling the world trying to contribute to re-frameing what we think and how we connect, he enjoys a quite moment just going with the flow meeting new people or old friends of all walks of life. Sergio although fairly young in most standards, has had a 28 year career in media & advertising - starting at a young age in publishing and graduating to digital and then finding his way back to brick and mortar, building one of the most successful start-up's in the history of Billboard business in America.  Thru his many ventures Sergio, in his free time, has pursued his passion of connecting next generation philanthropist, social impact, entrepreneurs, political and thought leaders together thru the many platforms he either co-created or was part of the grass roots movement that created them. Now today with a network spanning over 85 countries he enjoys keeping these networks focused on creating a better tomorrow, building leadership thru connecting with each other.  Today Sergio is the Co-founder and visionary behind many companies but most of his focus today is at P3 SmartCity Partners, KAPTYN & PVBLIC Foundation. For P3SmartCity & KAPTYN he leads thought leadership, global development and policy work behind structuring Public Private Partnerships (PPP) around smart infrastructure with local, state and federal governments. As acting Chairman of PVBLIC he leads the foundations engagement with the White House, United Nations and hosts the Media for Social Impact Summit, where C-Level executives convene to inspire each other on how media can change the world one campaign at a time.  Currently Sergio invested in and or advises a few dozen companies whose focus include elements of civic engaging technologies, media and public private related initiatives.  More about Sergio: