Sheila Blagg

Certified Divorce Mediator, Relationship Expert and owner/creator of

Sheila Blagg is a certified Divorce Mediator through the Ohio Supreme courts & the founder of The first social networking site for individuals navigating a divorce. Divorce played a large part in Sheila’s own life. Her parents divorced when she was two, leaving Sheila to be raised by her single father After suffering emotional and mental abuse at the hands of the man she married, Sheila's first marriage ended in divorce. “Deep inside, I knew that life was supposed to be different; I knew that I was supposed to do something great with my life,” Sheila says. In her early thirties, Sheila found herself a divorced mother of two young children. Sheila decided to go back to college to achieve her degree. Sheila is dyslexic, she knew that this decision would present some challenge but was determined to create a life for herself and her children. After graduating from the Ohio center of Broadcasting , she then attended Tri-C to complete her Public Relations degree. Going through my divorce I discovered the lack of resources that would guide me through the divorce process, provide the support and advice without the pressure of dating.( until I was ready to date). " I wanted to talk to people who had been there, who wouldn't judge or lay blame"). After years of research Sheila Blagg created Divorce 2 Dating. Social Networking website for separated or divorced individuals. Blagg has over 10 years experience dealing with separation, divorce, dating after divorce, blended families and dealing with the stress of the ex's. Blagg's effort has been recognized by WEWS channel 5, WOIO Channel 19 and WKYC channel 3. ."One talk show host was quoted as saying " I wish something like this was around when I was going through my divorce. Blagg's blogs on the subjects of divorce, and dating after divorce have been featured in Galtime, Lioness and Since my Divorce, just to name a few. Blagg was featured in the "creating change" issue of Lioness magazine. An important aspect of her life is that Sheila is remarried. Combined Sheila and her husband have 5 children. When asking Blagg what she's found in her second marriage that she didn't have in her first, she simply replies " WINGS".