Vipin Kumar

Co-Founder & Growth Hacker

Born in the beautiful valleys of Dehradun, India.While working as a blogger in early ages the young entrepreneurs influenced me majorly.I love helping companies and individuals in promoting their products and achieve viral growth of their products. I provide free consultancy to the hungry minds who wants to learn how to promote themselves and their companies.Besides, I am also a Growth Hacker at Trademysite focusing mainly on user base of my business, working more productively and adequately. Bad Experiences that try to pull us down actually are the stepping stones toward the success we opt for.The Desires are to be Dreamed to become the reality of life.These are the thoughts that guide me to live an extraordinary life. Passionate, Directional hardworking and the believe in the law of attraction is what get me going.Professionalism is the leading factor that gave me the edge. All these while among all the experiences that he I've gained the lesson that “You must Fall in order to Rise up” is what i belives in. What actually a true Businessman look forward for is leading the company not only to be a large firm but rather to be a huge brand.Within the time period of just five years, I would love to have the best of trusted and persistent team of employees and who wouldn’t love to represent even more edgy but creative brands. The best trait of a true entrepreneur is not just one but many, but the most important one is to lead your brain to think out of the box and always crave learning.When you do things differently and in the right way then the path at the right time just lead you forward and there is no looking back.