Sai Santosh Bangalore

Kindness Blogger, Mindfulness Teacher, Photographer & Independent Filmmaker

Sai Santosh is a kindness blogger, software analyst, independent film-maker, award winning photographer and a champion for conscious acts of Kindness. For the past four years, Sai has worked diligently with children of all ages conducting weekly human values based classes and helping children to meditate. In addition, he has worked diligently with the homeless community serving timely nutritious food and teaching them practical mindfulness methods.

Just a few years ago, Sai started journaling his kindness stories. The simplicity of the stories touched the hearts of the readers and Sai realized the world is in dire need of transformational stories. His intention is not solely focused on being a good samaritan or a good news reporter, as he humbly feel that those days are long gone! We live in such times where stories of LOVE are a necessity. The new age can only flourish with selfless LOVE. So far he has written about how LOVE opens up our field of vision to the spoken/unspoken needs of people around us. LOVE inspires and prepares us for spontaneous selfless service.

Sai received his masters degree in Electrical and Computer engineering and successfully performed research in academia by publishing many high impact articles. His deep inner calling lead him to pursue an MBA with research solely focussed on apply empathy and gratitude at workplaces and how it fosters true team work and creativity.

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