Salvador Litvak

Writer, Director, Accidental Talmudist

Born in Santiago, Chile, Salvador moved to New York at age five. He is a graduate of Harvard College, NYU Law School, and the School of Theater, Film and Television at UCLA. Litvak wrote, produced and directed Saving Lincoln, the true story of Abraham Lincoln leading the nation through the Civil War, as recounted by his close friend & bodyguard, U.S.Marshal Ward Hill Lamon. The film was made by capturing the actors’ performances on a green screen stage and creating all sets and locations out of vintage Civil War photographs from the Library of Congress. Litvak named this visual style CineCollage. His first film was the Passover comedy and cult hit,When Do We Eat? Litvak wrote both films with his wife, Nina Davidovich Litvak. He also blogs as the Accidental Talmudist for the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles.