Sam Sedaei

Senior Director of Iran Programs at Nonviolence International, Documentary Producer

Sam Sedaei was born in 1982 in Iran. He lived in Tehran until 1999 before immigrating to the United States at age sixteen on his own.

He went to high school in Chicago and received his bachelors in Economics and Political Science with concentration in Public Policy from Kalamazoo College in June of 2006. He was elected President of the Kalamazoo College Democrats during his senior year and also became the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Lux Esto Law Review (the law review of Kalamazoo College)

Following graduation, Sam moved to Chicago where he was elected the leader of the Economic Equity Team of the Chicago chapter of National Organization for Women (NOW).

He moved to Washington DC in 2007 to begin working for an international NGO. He is also the executive producer of an upcoming documentary about the Iranian Green Movement, that was sparked by the flawed Iranian presidential elections in June of 2009.

Sam is a political analyst on matters relating to international relations and Iran, and he has appeared on a number of different media outlets, including CNN, BBC and Air America Radio and is a regular contributor on Voice of America. His writings for The Huffington Post focus on American domestic, foreign, political and economic policy.

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