Sam Stephens

Owner of NYC Restaurant OatMeals, Creative Oatmeal Officer for Quaker

Sam is originally from Fairfax, Virginia, and made the move to NYC in 2000 to attend Baruch College, where she majored in Psychology and minored in French. While working in the investment banking world, Sam’s passion for NYC’s flourishing restaurant scene inspired her to attended courses at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies in Food Writing and also in Business Management.

She took that passion a step further when she graduated from the French Culinary Institute’s Pastry Arts Program in 2010.

A desire for healthy living and eating right became essential that first year in NYC when the ‘freshman 15’ quickly became the ‘freshman 30’. Living on a budget, Sam started eating oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner, and thought of many creative ways to jazz it up. Reading about the numerous, outstanding health benefits of oats led her to want to share her oatmeal recipes, knowledge of oats and its’ amazing qualities with everyone she knew. Inspired by many of NYC's single-item specialty restaurants, the idea of an oatmeal toppings bar blossomed and Sam began collecting vintage oatmeal canisters that she dreamed would one day decorate her cafe.

After over 11 years of research and nearly giving up on her crazy oatmeal idea, Sam finally opened OatMeals at 120 West 3rd St in New York City's Greenwich Village on June 27th, 2012.

When not working in the store and experimenting with oatmeal and oatmeal pastries, Sam participates in speaking engagements at NYU, educating students about oatmeal health facts and avoiding the “freshman 15.”

She also recently participated on a panel at NYU on “The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur."

Outside of oaty things, Sam enjoys running, relaxing in NYC's parks, laughing with friends and family, and partaking in the ever-growing NYC restaurant & bar scene. She lives in the West Village and loves burrata cheese, gummy bears, Sauvignon Blanc, live music & comedy shows, reality TV, cats, and the ocean.

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