Samantha Kurtzman-Counter

President, The Mother Company

Sam Kurtzman-Counter is President of The Mother Company, a multi-media company founded by moms, dedicated to the mission of "Helping Parents to Raise Good People." offers parents world-renowned expert parenting advice around the myriad social and emotional issues we all deal with daily as parents of young children.  Sam also directs, produces, writes and guides the creative content behind The Mother Company's award-winning "Ruby's Studio" series of books, apps, shows and activities, all exploring the vast social/emotional challenges young kids experience, with the goal of helping them to become more communicative, cooperative and kind.  Her work time is spent collaborating with Mother Company founder, Abbie Schiller, as well as brilliant mom bloggers, parenting experts, animators, musicians, designers and crew who have joined The Mother Company team to make something beautiful and do good by the next generation. Her home time is spent eating artichokes and kissing little freckled cheeks.