Samantha Marshall

Freelance Journalist, Author

Samantha Marshall is a New York-based freelance journalist and ghost writer with 20 years experience reporting for top business and news publications around the world. She has published two books, with another one due for release later this year.

After finishing her graduate degree at the University of London in England she moved to Hong Kong, where she began as a freelance journalist writing on the garment and fashion industries for Women’s Wear Daily, and reported on regional economic and political stories for The South China Morning Post.

In 1997, Samantha was assigned to Hanoi, Vietnam, where she served as Vietnam bureau chief for the AWSJ. Highlights of her coverage in Vietnam include a page one feature, published in August 1999, about a young Vietnamese woman who was kidnapped and trafficked across the border into China to be sold as a bride. The article was nominated for a Pulitzer in 2000.

After nine years overseas, Samantha left the AWSJ to travel and return home to North America. After a brief stint as a freelancer for publications such as the Washington Post, she joined Crain’s in June, 2001.

Samantha has co-written and published nine books, including bestsellers, with authors as diverse as Queen Latifah, business consultant George Cloutier and the OWN network's Pamela Slaton.

Throughout her extensive career, the range of topics Samantha has covered has been so diverse it’s hard to box her in as one kind of writer. But her varied repertoire is precisely what makes her stand out. Whether she is covering “fox dung” coffee in Vietnam or hip hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs’ take on 360-degree marketing in the music industry, Samantha has one rule that never changes:

“Always tell a good story.”

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