Sandee Crack

Drag queen

Sandee is the blonde bombshell you have seen in the new Libra Tampons commercial, the infamous showgirl from Melbourne, Australia who is a well-known socialite in all the right circles, queen of controversy and advocate of everything that glitters. Sandee hosts at a top nightclub, Robarta, in Melbourne’s party district St Kilda, where her talents and personality are the highlight of everyone’s evening.

Socially, Sandee is surrounded by her fabulous posse of soap stars and models, including Neighbours star Eliza Taylor, spunky underwear model Nick Bracks, Home and Away star Paul O’Brien, and X-Factor singer James McNally, just to name a few.

Always trying to snag a footballer, Sandee has her Brownlow dress on standby at all times, but Ben Cousins has yet to return her calls. The queen of peroxide and spray tans, her dresses are often blinding, landing this party girl the nickname “The Walking Disco Ball," an achievement in its own right. Don’t let her looks fool you, however! Sandee is studying Nail Technology and Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.

Sandee is the daughter of a famous tennis player who gave up her career when she fell in love with a ripped truck driver from Amsterdam. This rich cultural background led to Sandee’s undeniable appreciation for the “high-performance” man and all that encompasses what Sandee now refers to as “The Brownlow Lover."

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