Sanjay Khanna

Futurist, Thought Leader

Sanjay Khanna is a futurist and thought leader who helps businesses, governments, and civil society be proactive amidst massive, epochal, 21st century change. Affiliated with the University of Toronto's Massey College for a number of years, Sanjay has valuable insights into how key global megatrends may affect mental health, decision making, productivity, and social cohesion. He was one of 21 global experts interviewed for KPMG International’s report Future State 2030: The global megatrends shaping governments; and was named “an exemplar of social well being" by Corporate Knights, the magazine for clean capitalism. In 2015, Sanjay held an appointment as Futurist-in-Residence with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, where he examined how arts and cultural institutions might innovate in response to unprecedented societal stressors. In 2009, Sanjay launched the world’s first conference on how climate change may impact human psychology, societies, and cultures.