Sara Haile-Mariam

Vocalist and drummer of Music Bones

Sara Haile-Mariam is an artist & agitator based in New York City.

While receiving her B.A. in communications at New York University, Sara volunteered as a grassroots organizer, surrogate, and out-of state coordinator for the New York Obama campaign.  From there she went on to serve as the Communications Coordinator for David Yassky's NYC campaign for City Comptroller before spending a year in DC working as the Communications and Outreach Associate at Campus Progress.

In her role at Campus Progress she directed and served as a spokesperson for Vote Again 2010, a coalition of over 35 youth organizations and media partners working to increase youth turnout during the 2010 midterm election cycle.

Sara has been interviewed by a variety of media outlets including; NPR, CSPAN, CNN, MSNBC, and CBS Washington Unplugged. Additionally, her work has been referenced by BuzzFeed, The Daily Beast, Tech President, The New York Times, Politico, The Washington Post, The Tonight Show, The Nation, The Hill, and CNN Politicker,  among other outlets.

Her style isn't for everyone.

While one of her videos was recently praised as "brilliant" by The Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan, a 2010 video she conceptualized was previously awarded the title of "The worst (but funniest) campaign video ever" by The Washington Examiner.

She has been published by The New York TimesJack & Jill Politics, MTV Act , Global Grind and The Huffington Post.

Sara is also the creator of Music Bones and Shitty Demos, a site chronicling her recent and ongoing musical adventures.

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Note: Contrary to lingering and persistent internet rumors, she is not the daughter of Ethiopian Dictator Mengustu Hailemariam.  Her actual father can also be found on Twitter.

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