Sarah Forbes

Author of “Sex in the Museum” I’m a Sex Culturalist, Anthropologist and Indiana Jones of Sex. I curated at the Museum of Sex for a decade

For more than a decade I served as the Curator of the Museum of Sex, honing a technique of making sex smart, educational and socially responsible. This tenure provided a wealth of experiences for my first book and memoir, "Sex in the Museum: My Unlikely Career At New York's Most Provocative Museum" (St. Martins, April 2016). With a Masters in Anthropology, with a focus on gender and sexuality, my background emphasizes the cross-cultural historical perspective of sex and the exploration of the tremendous variety and diversity that currently exists in the sexual landscape. I have served as an interpreter of the academic and often dry information found in dusty libraries, translating it for the general public and making it entertaining, visually dynamic as well as accessible. In addition to media attention as a "sex expert", I speak regularly at both academic conferences and universities. I have had the unique pleasure of being an "Indiana Jones" of sex. As an extension of my professional expertise, as a wife and mother to two small children, I am also the official sex expert for Motherly, a platform defined as a "week-by-week guide to an inspired journey as a modern woman and mother." I continue to consult with any organization, institution or brand that is interested in the human experience, and understands how significant sex, sexuality, gender and identity is to that construction. As a synthesis of my curatorial and consulting roles, I have come to define myself as a "Sexual Culturalist," as understanding sex is understanding people.

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