Sarah Holroyd

Author, wife, mother, co-founder of Beetle Bottoms, passionate about childhood & celebrating life. Visit me at

Sarah has always had a passion for working with children and families.
After gaining her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology, Sarah spent many years working professionally with children and parents before moving to Byron Bay to train as a yoga teacher, specializing in pre and post natal yoga.
Sarah and her husband Chris welcomed their first baby Briar Rose into the world in 2011.

Sarah is passionate about living a good, happy and connected life and about the importance of raising children to believe in themselves and love themselves for who they are.

Throughout Sarah’s life her father struggled with depression, which had a huge impact upon her and she recently lost her father to suicide. Her parents divorce and her relationship with her father set her life on a new coarse and filled her with a desire to help other families who were going through similar challenges.

Sarah shares her journey of healing and lessons she has learnt along the way with the hope that they will serve as a reminder of how precious life is and how amazing each and every one of us is.

“Today lets all take a moment to breath, to enjoy a view and to give thanks for the annoying, mundane and amazing moments in our lives because each moment is a gift and a miracle.”

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