Sarah Kate Holford

Back To Work Mentor, I help Stay At Home Mums re-ignite their careers and revitalize their lives.

I'm Sarah and I'm a Back-To-Work Mentor for Stay At Home Mums and for women generally who want to raise their confidence and learn more about how to gain a mindset for success. I share my journey of going back to work and how difficult I found it to return to work after being at home for 8 years raising my children. It's not like when you come out of university and there's a load of graduate jobs to apply for once you decide to go back. Each and every woman who's had children has to redefine how she manages her career after giving birth and for many of us it's a rocky road that's lonely and can at times feel hopeless. I now offer support to women in my blog and my courses to overcome self-doubt, own their worth, their skills and talents, gain clarity on what sort of job they should go for, as well as interview and CV tips and advice. I also run a YouTube channel where you can access a lot of my content

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