Sarah Liddle

International Coach Trainer, Writer, Healer

Sarah Liddle is a Certified Professional Coach, Wellness Teacher, Healer and Writer.<br /> She is the Founder and Director for The International College of Wellness Coaches, Coach School and Soul Sessions<br /> Sarah has written articles for Succeed Magazine, Inner Self, The Art of Healing, The Huffington Post, Insight and Vision Magazine.<br /> <br /> Sarah currently holds a Diploma in Life & Career Coaching, Diploma in Human Resource Management. Sarah has an International Certificate in Life Coaching through the International Coaching Academy; a Certificate in Adult Teaching; a Certificate 2 in Body Ecology; also holds a Level 3 Masters Certificate in Reiki.<br /> Sarah is currently studying a Bachelors of Law and aims to incorporate law and wellness coaching.<br /> <br /> Become a Coach with Sarah:<br /> Website:<br /> Facebook:<br /> Twitter:<br /> Instagram:<br /> Pinterest: