Sarah Sapora

Digital Influencer, Creative Marketer and Plus Size, Body Positive Babe

Sarah Sapora is a marketing expert specializing in lifestyle brands for women. From plus size apparel to the tantalizing world of the male revue- she’s worked marketing for both Chippendales and The Men of the Strip as seen on the E! Channel—Sarah loves nothing more than to use her creative, professional juices to support and empower women. With her blog and small sliver of Social Media World, Sarah uses honest and raw accounts of her own journey to self-love and her love for plus size fashion to inspire women of ALL shapes, sizes and ages to be more forgiving of themselves and to live confidently. Her plus size lifestyle blog for women, is a candid, intimate, and often hilarious, study on the living plus size, fashion and dating. A native New Yorker, Sarah lives in the Los Angeles area with her Shih Tzu wingman, Winston. She enjoys strength training, cowboy boots, the arts and singing in the car. More about Sarah can be found on her blog, SarahPlusLife. Follow SarahPlusLife on Facebook here. On Instagram @SarahSapora Twitter at @SSapora