Sarah Hodgson

Bestselling Author, Trainer, Blogger, Mom to a multi-species household

Do you ever call yourself Mommy or Daddy? Don’t be embarrassed; I do it all the time. In a world where two-thirds of all dog lovers consider their dogs family, you're in the majority. So, welcome. At When Dogs Talk, we believe that dogs who are loved like children feel valued and smart. Join our Modern Dog Parenting Revolution and let's work together to create a haven for dogs and the people who love them. In this utopian world, a place I call Doglandia, everyone is invited to connect and share their stories. Be sure to connect, share and invite your friends. The more the merrier! After all, life is an adventure. Call your dog and come, let's play! *Discover more about the Modern Dog Parenting Revolution and Doglandia at! *Humane Society of the United States