Sarah Kowalski

Author: Motherhood Reimagined, Single Mother by Choice, Fertility Doula, Family Building Coach,

Sarah Kowalski, author of Motherhood Reimagined: When Becoming A Mother Doesn't Go As Planned, is a Single Mom by Choice, Fertility and Postpartum Doula, and Family Building Coach for women who want to conceive a child even though it may not be taking shape as they originally planned -- either because of the lack of a partner or fertility issues. After deciding to have a baby alone only to find out she was infertile, she eventually conceived via sperm and egg donation. As a former attorney and certified life coach, she's become a leading resource for women who are contemplating single motherhood, having fertility issues or raising donor-conceived children. She inspires women to redefine what it means to be a mother so they can embrace their unique path to motherhood and get down to being a badass mama. Through her business, Motherhood Reimagined, she offers one on one coaching, and group coaching programs to help mothers cultivate the love, courage and tenacity it takes to conceive and raise a child by unconventional means.