Sara L. Hirsch

Swedish-American deeply interested in Human Resource Management/Development & work-life relations

Sara L. Hirsch holds a Master’s of Human Resources Management/Development and Work-Life Relations at Linkoping University in Sweden. Being Swedish-American she is especially interested in the concepts of healthy and balanced living in both cultures. During times living in bustling L.A and New York questions such as: What makes life work; both professionally and personally? In 2010 she co-founded a nonprofit organization, Universal Models for Peace Inc. (ceased operations in 2015). She was invited as an official speaker in 2011 at "The Newark Peace Summit" and travelled as a Guest Lecture Speaker on the Peace Boat from Japan to Hong Kong in 2013. In 2013 UMP participated as a Program Partner organizing the 2013 World Fashion Forum at the United Nations. In 2016 the charity she co-founded was awarded the Zambrano Foundations's "Defender of Democracy" award. Today Sara is working on commercial and non-commercial projects in New York and Sweden.