Sari Cooper, Certified Sex Therapist

Founder & Director of Center for Love and Sex, NYC & Sex Esteem®

Sari Cooper is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Writer, Speaker and Founder of Center for Love and Sex, a full service therapy practice in NYC. She and her therapists see clients and couples for relationships and sexual issues including: infidelity, discrepant desire, low libido, erectile disorder, premature/delayed ejaculation, past sexual assault/abuse, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Genito-Pelvic-Pain-Penetrative Disorder, non-monogamy agreements, kink interests, pre-marital counseling, Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior and separation/divorce counseling. She is an internationally recognized media expert having been featured on CBS This Morning, Dr. Oz, Wall Street Journal, Barrons, as well as speaking at national conferences for therapists, sex therapists, as well as holding private Sex Esteem® Talks for laypeople, couples and parents on many issues affecting sexuality today.