Sarina Tomel

HR Business Partner; C&R Self Coach; Speaker

Sarina Tomel is an HR Business Partner, C&R Self Coach, Speaker, and creator of Courageous & Remarkable Self (C&R Self). C&R Self is dedicated to sharing life lessons with the Teens and College students to build resilience and self-determination. Through this blog/initiative, the intention to provide strategies to the students on how to overcome fears, doubts, self-limiting beliefs, and obstacles, by sharing real stories of struggle, insight, success, and journey along the way.

What Sarina wants most is for the students to Recognize & Embrace their Courageous & Remarkable Self. Sarina has realized that with the Right Expectations and Right Actions you hold a powerful way to seriously change your life. Sarina is a strong believer of expectations and creating the life you deserve! Never let anyone take that away from you!

As an active volunteer member for Half Hollow Hills School to Business Partnership, Sarina mentors and educates the students on resume writing, interviewing, business/leadership skills, the corporate world/workplace, and most importantly how to become socially responsible and embrace change.

Sarina speaks in classrooms, at conferences, and workshops about how to succeed in the corporate world and in life, building resilience and self-determination, life lessons along with learning from mistakes, as well as living a healthy lifestyle inside out. Interested in scheduling Sarina for an upcoming Speaking Engagement, Panel Discussion, Workshop/Seminar, or Conference/Event; then complete the contact form at C&R Self.

In addition, Sarina is currently working on her first book, Courageous & Remarkable Self, A Practice for Stepping into Your Greatness!

Sarina has been featured in FITNESS Magazine, Long Island Pulse Magazine, and TeenNewsNet. For more information about Sarina visit,

HR Business Partner ~ C&R Self Coach ~ Speaker ~ HHH School to Business Partnership ~ Traveler ~ Half-Marathon Runner ~ Yogi ~ Volcano Vixen ~ Living Healthy Lifestyle Inside/Out ~ TeenNewsNet Guest Blogger

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