Sasha Brookner

Writer, Publicist, Vidalian

Sasha Brookner is from Berkeley, California. She writes on occasion when she's in the mood. She attended the University of California Los Angeles, has a crush on Johnny Depp, thinks the zodiac is irrelevant & realizes she should stop writing this bio in third person. My mother was a Zen Buddhist with a crush on Thich Nach Han, my father was a criminal defense attorney whose second home was Solano State Prison. I write like my high school English teacher and talk like my best friend's grandmother who came up to East Oakland during the Second Great Migration in the 40's.

As a publicist, I have worked with an array of musicians, painters, choreographers, designers, and actors. Many of our clients have served as advocates on issues ranging from the plight of political prisoners as well as activities to end economic &social injustice.

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