Sat Hon

Founder, New York Dantao Qigong School, author of "Healing Cancer with Qigong" and "Taoist Qigong for Health and Vitality."

Sat Chuen Hon, trained in Medical Qigong, Taiji Quan and Classical Chinese
Medicine, is a native of Guangzhou, China. He received his TCM certificate from Guangzhou TCM school in China and The Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in USA, BA in Psychology from
Princeton University and a Master of Fine Arts in Modern Dance/ Movement Therapy from Connecticut College. He
is the founder of the New York Dan Tao Qigong Center and author of "Taoist Qigong
for Health and Vitality." He established and serves as the president of ATPS,
Inc., a non-profit educational incorporation dedicated to the preserving and
teaching of ancient Taoist practices.

Sat has collaborated with the composer, Philip Glass on several Dance and film
projects: Taoist Sacred Dance , Chaotic Harmony and Taiji on 23rd Street. Sat Hon also appeared in the
film, Philip Glass in 12 Parts by Scott Hicks.