Savannah T. Reed

College student in Maine

In the upcoming autumn, Savannah T. Reed will be studying sustainable architecture at Virginia Tech. Despite this time of great development and change, Ms. Reed remains steadfast with her goals and passions. Most important to Savannah are her goals to lead a healthy and conscious life and to learn as much as she can about every subject that strikes her interest. An avid learner and autodidact, Ms. Reed studies for pleasure not only academic subjects, but an array of arts including musical performance, folk and classic music, handcrafts, perfume–making, street performance, forestry and physical health. She is an environmental activist in her school community and in town, having planned and managed the high school’s recycling system and continues to lead by example in her efforts to live a sustainable, healthful lifestyle; she intends to continue promoting environmental protection and appreciation wherever life takes her.

August 11, 2012

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