Scarlett Sieber

SVP of Innovation & Ecosystem Building at BBVA, Global Ambassador at A World At School

Scarlett Sieber is SVP of Open Innovation and Ecosystem Building at BBVA. She implements the innovation global strategy and vision within the US and heads the North American region for BBVA's global fintech competition, Open Talent. Scarlett is also the US lead for BBVA's millennial initiative. Prior to BBVA, she was COO and co-founder of a data visualization tech startup, Infomous, whose clients include The London Olympics, Super Bowl XLVII, and NFL Films.

Scarlett is also a big fan of philanthropic activities, especially those that support the development of young women. She, along with 500 other youth around the globe, in collaboration with the Office of the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, is trying to get every child into school by the end of 2015.