Annette Siegel Gross joined Indianapolis PFLAG in 2001 after her son came out as gay. As a member of the board, she has served as President, Program Chair, and Chair for Publicity & Advocacy. Annette is also the PFLAG State Coordinator for the 10 PFLAG chapters in Indiana. In 2005 Annette was invited by Indiana Equality to represent Indianapolis PFLAG in a newly-formed coalition to help pass a Human Rights Ordinance in Marion County. This involvement was just the beginning of Annette's interest in advocacy. She has given speeches, radio &TV interviews, and written letters and blog pieces about LGBT equality. Annette worked with Freedom Indiana to help defeat HJR-3 (proposed state constitutional ban of same-sex marriage in Indiana) and testified at some of the hearings. Annette was the organizer of the Anti-RFRA Rally held at the Indiana Statehouse in March 2015, which saw 3,000 people protesting this bill. She co-organized the Rally for Women’s Rights in April, 2016 after Governor Mike Pence signed one of the worst anti-abortion bills in the country. Annette volunteers for the PENCE MUST GO campaign in Indiana and has organized various anti-Pence and anti-Trump rallies. Annette is one of the co-founders of the You Have A Purpose Project. Annette also has written blog posts for the The Huffington Post, The Bilerico Project, Indy Vanguard, and Peacock Panache, as well as articles for the magazines Unite Indianapolis and The Word. ###