Scott Bischke

Scott Bischke is a science editor, MS environmental engineer, facilitator for all things Yellowstone, and author of the climate change allegory FISH TANK: A FABLE FOR OUR TIMES, but he resonates most strongly with being a fly fisherman, a long-distance backpacker, and a happy partner-in-life with his spouse Kate.

SCOTT BISCHKE LIVES WITH his wife, Katie Gibson, in Bozeman, Montana. Along with his writing career, Scott has worked as a chemical engineering science researcher at three national laboratories, as an environmental engineer for Hewlett-Packard, as the lab director for the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center, and as a science and technology writer and facilitator specializing in Greater Yellowstone Area science and engineering issues. /// Three things about me: (1) I express myself best in writing, though friends will tell you that I am hard to shut up. (2) I have special love of a special place, Montana. (3) I have never experienced writer's block. /// I am a reader, as well as a writer. I have a limited time each day, indeed in life, and I want the things I read to matter. Likewise, I want what I write to matter, to have a reason for being, to engage the reader. I believe that good story, crafted well, has the power to change the world. /// From most recent to oldest, the books and their reason for being are (see (1) TRUMPELSTILTSKIN: A FAIRY TALE--a re-imagining of the Brothers Grimm story of Rumpelstiltskin, deeply embedded in the political craziness of the 2016 USA presidential election; (2) FISH TANK: A FABLE FOR OUR TIMES--an allegory about natural resources and climate change; called "The ANIMAL FARM for our times" and endorsed by a Nobel Laureate and the world's leading mountain climber; (3) GOOD CAMEL, GOOD LIFE: FINDING ENLIGHTENMENT ONE DROP OF SWEAT AT A TIME--health, yoga, spirituality, philosophy; (4) CROSSING DIVIDES: A COUPLES' STORY OF CANCER, HOPE, AND HIKING MONTANA'S CONTINENTAL DIVIDE--health, nature, wilderness, healing from cancer physically, mentally, spiritually; (5) TWO WHEELS AROUND NEW ZEALAND: A BICYCLE JOURNEY ON FRIENDLY ROADS--travel, adventure, escape, wilderness, cross-culture experience.

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