Scott De Buitléir

Writer, Poet, Broadcaster, and Founder, 'EILE Magazine'

London-born and Dublin-bred, Scott De Buitléir started his career at the age of 15, volunteering at local community radio stations in Dublin, before landing his first commercial role at the age of 17.

Working in Irish (Gaelic) at first and then English, Scott has worked with some of Ireland’s biggest broadcasting companies, including RTÉ Radio and BBC Northern Ireland. During the same time, Scott’s love for writing led him to working as a freelance journalist for predominantly Irish-language newspapers and magazines. His (now-retired) Irish-language blog, Dialann Scott (Scott's Diary) was nominated multiple times for the Irish Blog Awards, while his poetry and creative writing led him to perform at several literary festivals around Ireland, including the IMRAM Literary Festival in Dublin and Cúirt Literary Festival in Galway.

In April 2013, Scott created and launched EILE Magazine, an online-only publication for the LGBT community. Under his direction as Editor-at-Large, EILE now boasts contributors from around the world, including the U.S., New Zealand, Finland, England, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland also.

Aside from his work in the media, Scott is also a writer and poet, with a Masters degree in Writing and Communications from University College Dublin. He is fluent in Irish Gaelic as well as English, and has been published in both languages. You can contact Scott via e-mail or his website.