Scott Mendelson

Film critic at Mendelson's Memos, Valley Scene Magazine

The basics - 31 years old, married with two kids, currently residing in Woodland Hills, CA. Aside from my day job (kind of a secret, but it’s independent contracting), I dabble in voice over and occasionally play around on the Improv scene.

I am simply a longtime film critic and pundit of sorts, especially in the realm of box office punditry. I also syndicate myself at The Huffington Post and Open Salon. Aside from the usual film gossip (not the US Weekly or Nikki Finke variety), I’ll be dealing with box office analysis and comparison and criticism of film criticism and journalism (watching the watchmen, as it were). I will dabble in politics here and there, but I'm sure there are many people on this site who can do that better than I.

For an archive of all of my work, go to Mendelson’s Memos ( That site also contains pretty much every film review I have ever written, yes even some of the garbage I wrote when I was sixteen.

I will update as often as my schedule allows. Yes, I'm on Facebook/MySpace/Twitter, so feel free to find me there. All comments are appreciated, just be civil and try to keep a level discourse, as I will make every effort to do the same. Thank you.

Scott Mendelson