Scott Stearman

Pastor of a social-justice minded congregation and a Baptist advocate for human rights and religious liberty at the United Nations.

Rev. Dr. Scott Stearman has served congregations in his home state of Oklahoma, in Athens, Greece, Paris, France, St. Louis, MO, and now New York City. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma in Philosophy, and degrees from Princeton Seminary, Southwestern Seminary, and Oklahoma Baptist University. He serves on the steering committee of the New Baptist Covenant - an effort of President Jimmy Carter to foster cross racial congregational engagement. He has been a long time advocate for full inclusion of LGBTQ members into the life of the church, and has served on the board of two large HIV health-care agencies. Metro Baptist Church, near Port Authority in NYC, has a roof-top farm, a teen center, a tutoring ministry and programs for the homeless. He lives with his spouse Cecelia, and 2 black labs, in NYC.