Sean Kane

Founder, Safety Research & Strategies

Sean Kane began his work in 1991 with the Center for Auto Safety, an advocacy organization established by Ralph Nader in Washington D.C.
He is the founder of Safety Research & Strategies, a nationally known firm specializing in vehicle and product safety research and advocacy. Kane also co-founded the Vehicle Safety Information Resource Center (VSIRC), an online data system that offers critical research tools and access to government data and documents on motor vehicle safety.

Sean’s efforts have prompted numerous federal investigations and alerted the public of significant safety hazards. His investigations and analyses of product defects have led to recalls of millions of vehicles and components that have inflicted serious and deadly injuries to consumers, ranging from heater core ruptures, engine fires, failed electronics, and tires. Sean testified before Congress on Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration and his firm’s report became the foundation for the Congressional hearings.

Sean is a frequent source and commentator to the broadcast and print media on product safety matters; the editor of The Safety Record, a publication on motor vehicle and product safety; he serves on the advisory and editorial boards for SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A., a nationally renowned non-profit dedicated to child passenger safety; and is the co-chairman of the Centers for Disease Control / Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health sponsored multi-disciplinary injury prevention network, Mass PINN.

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