Sean-Paul Kelley


Sean Paul Kelley is a travel writer, former radio host, and before that an asset manager for a Wall Street investment bank that is still (barely) alive. He recently left a fantastic job in Singapore working for Solar Winds, a software company based out of Austin to travel around the world for a year (or two). He founded The Agonist, in 2002, which is still considered the top international affairs, culture and news destination for progressives. He is also the Global Correspondent for The Young Turks, on satellite radio and Air America.

He's traveled in more than 47 countries including Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Oman, Indonesia, China, Nepal and India. You can read his travel writing on Iran, here.

He blogged the aftermath of the unrest in Oaxaca, Mexico and wrote about it for the San Antonio Express-News.

In early January 2007, he traveled to Ethiopia, on a fact finding mission aimed at a better understanding of the issues facing Eritrea, the UN Border Mission and the Ethio-Eritrean proxy war in Somalia.

He's currently completing a book on the Silk Road. You can read his travel-blogging at The Agonist, which is updated regularly.