Sebastian Copeland

Polar explorer, photographer and environmental advocate

Sebastian Copeland is an award winning photographer, explorer and author with multiple world records in the polar regions. Sebastian has reached both poles, north and south. He crossed the arctic sea on foot; kite-skied the length of the Greenland ice sheet; and completed the first east-west transcontinental crossing of Antarctica via two of its poles—over 2500 miles in 82 days. In 2015, Men’s Journal named Sebastian one of the world’s top 50 adventurers.

Noted as a photographer “who has produced works that are of outstanding artistic merit and communicates messages of urgent global significance,”, Sebastian’s fine quality prints have appeared in museums and private collections in both Europe and the United States. Sebastian is a winner of the prestigious International Photography Awards’ 2007 Professional Photographer of the Year for his first book, “Antarctica: The Global Warning”(Palace Press). In 2015, Sebastian released his third monogram titled "Arctica: The Vanishing North" (teNeues).

An international speaker on the climate crisis for more than a decade, Sebastian has addressed audiences at the UN, at universities, climate summits and museums worldwide, and many fortune 500 companies (Google, Apple, HP) warning of the systemic transformations taking place in the polar regions from anthropogenic activities, and their geopolitical consequences.He has appeared on Larry King Live, NBC, The Weather Channel, NPR, Air America, and Al Gore’s Current TV, as a champion of environmental causes. Sebastian is a member of the Explorers Club. He sits on the board of directors of President Gorbachev’s Global Green USA.

Sebastian currently lives in Los Angeles. (