Marta Segal Block

Content Marketing Strategist and Writer

The first thing I remember wanting to do as a career was be a gas station attendant. I really liked the idea of getting to wear dirty clothes to work and talking to strangers. Later of course I discovered that there really aren’t a lot of gas station attendant jobs out there. So I became a writer instead. My first professional writing job was as a comedy/trivia writer for the popular CD-ROM game show, You Don’t Know Jack. Since then I’ve written about everything from chemistry to weddings in every format from print publishing to online content. I specialize in developing content strategy and creating engaging content for small businesses. When I’m not writing you’ll probably find me fixing cars. Just kidding, I don't know anything about cars. But you may find me in my car shuttling kids between activities. Being a writer and a mother may not be as romantic as the life I envisioned as a gas station attendant, but I do occasionally get to work in dirty clothes.