Seida Saric

Country Director, Women for Women International 's Bosnia and Herzegovina chapter

Seida Saric was born in southeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For more than four years, Seida lived under siege in Sarajevo, risking her life on a daily basis to provide emergency services to her fellow citizens trapped in the city. Without access to water or electricity and with the constant
threat of attack, day-to-day living became minute-by-minute
for Seida and the women of Sarajevo.

Seida has served as the Country Director of Women for Women International's Bosnia and Herzegovina chapter since 1998. She has helped more than 29,000 women rebuild their lives after surviving rape, forced impregnation, and ethnic cleansing. As a practitioner in field development, Seida's leadership has been a monumental asset to
Women for Women International. Under her oversight, the Bosnia and Herzegovina chapter has implemented a program of direct financial assistance, rights education, vocational skills training and leadership, and income-generation opportunities. Women in the program acquire skills and finances for individual growth, and benefit from cross-fertilization of ideas as various religions and ethnic groups
come together. Seida oversees Women for Women International's largest and most successful micro-credit program, which has provided loans to over 27,000 women totaling over $50 million.

Before coming to Women for Women International, Seida worked for Save the Children’s financial department. She also spent time at CARE International, primarily helping to provide humanitarian aid to
elderly people left alone during the siege. Before the war, Seida studied engineering at the undergraduate level, which was interrupted by the war. Seida has recently completed her B.A. in Business from the
University of Sarajevo, and is a leader and a model for what is possible for all women of Bosnia and Herzegovina.