Selena Sharpless

Active runner, recipe developer, content creator and Pilates enthusiast

Selena is a 22 year old undergraduate student studying nutrition with plans of becoming a registered dietician. She is the owner and blogger behind The Nutritious Kitchen where she shares her love for creating fresh healthy meals that are good for the body and the soul.

She loves nothing more than spending hours in the kitchen, playing around with ingredients and reaping in the satisfaction of a homemade meal. The best part is getting to share that piece of herself with loved ones. She has a strong philosophy that food is what brings people together and is something to be cherished, not restricting or damaging to the body.

She currently lives on the central coast of California where she spends most of her time shopping at Farmer's Markets', embarking on hikes, pairing wine with delicious food and exploring local restaurants. She loves to stay active by getting outside for a run, putting her mind at ease during pilates or breaking up a sweat at the gym.